The Xbox One Review

The New Xbox One Coming Soon!
There has been so much speculation on the release date for the new Xbox One What I can tell you for sure is that the Xbox One will be released sometime in the near future and without a doubt in 2013. So much information is being thrown around the internet about the new Xbox One that it is hard to tell with certainty what is true and what might be false.

Here I am going to go over some of the wonderful new features that will be available with the Xbox One bundle. The new features of the Xbox One will optimize convenience, functionality, user capability and will strongly improve your overall gaming experience. I will be analyzing these features based on popular belief due to the real information on the Xbox One not being released as yet. So let’s get excited together and go over some of the possible new features that you will have access to when you buy Xbox One

Xbox One features by popular belief:

 Inside the Xbox One The new Xbox One will be powered by an 8-core CPU and run at 1.6GHz, and have 8GB of DDR RAM. This means that your new Xbox One is going to be the most powerful gaming device you have ever owned and it will be capable of the unimaginable performance-wise.Your gaming experience has never been so fluid and functional.

 Graphics
The new Xbox One will have built into it an 800-MHz graphics processor which will very efficiently provide 1.2 trillion floating-point operations per second. This is going to make your games look life like. You will feel like you are literally inside your television being shot at when you are playing COD.

 Wi-Fi
Finally Microsoft has caught up with the modern day internet! No longer will you have to purchase a separate device to connect to your Xbox One to the internet wirelessly. When you buy Xbox One you will be able move your Xbox Oneanywhere in your home and not have to have direct wired link or an extra Wi-Fi device. The new Xbox One has Wi-Fi built in just like all modern day cell phones!

 Controllers of the future

Popular rumors will tell you that the controller for the new Xbox One could quite possibly feature a touch-screen and many programmable buttons. The technology of gaming controllers has come so far that it is possible for Microsoft to take this anywhere. It could even feature flexible material that will take the shape of the user’s hands providing you with a perfect custom fitted controller. While this might sound impossible, with how far controllers have come today, there truly are no boundaries for the Xbox720 controller.

 New and improved Live

When the Xbox One is released it will have a completely re-vamped version of Xbox Live. This will have strongly improved support for social networking as well as free gaming and subscription based gaming. The dashboard will be optimized for discovering new games and feature much quicker methods for updating and provide you with complete control over your console.

Xbox One bundle to include Kinect:

There have been many reports that when the new Xbox One is released that the Kinect will be bundled with your new Xbox One The new Kinect is much more advanced than it was on the 360 version as it will be able to connect with up to 6 different players at a time.

 Kinect’s Latency

This feature is strongly improved for the Xbox One The latency overall will be improved so much as to be able to have full skeletal recognition. This means that Kinect will be capable of tracking such tiny movements that it will be able to measure the small motions of even your fingers and toes.

 Kinects Range Of Motion

The Kinects ROM for the new Xbox One will not feature a full range. This new Kinect will still only move vertically up and down.

What you can expect to pay when you buy Xbox One:

Much speculation has been had on this topic. Some say that the new Xbox One console will be priced at over $500.00, but I am going to tell you that this is very unlikely. With all of the new consoles and games being released this year, Microsoft is going to have to be competitive in this market to make sure that they sell the new Xbox One. When you buy Xbox One expect to pay up to $199.00 for the cheapest Xbox Onebundle. For the consoles that have the most storage space available and come with the Kinect, you should expect to pay up to $399.00 when you buy Xbox One Yes, this price will make the Xbox One the cheapest console on the market, and the top selling.

Xbox One Featuring 3D Sound!

3d sound is much like 3D picture, as in it directly interacts with the user who is looking towards the sound while using the Xbox720. Utilizing the powerful technology of 3D sound you will no longer need to use headphones. The Xbox720 console will direct sound where only you can hear it and as you tilt your head the sound will change just like it does in real-life. This type of technology has not been seen yet due to how expensive it is to put into consumer products. With a company like Microsoft they can afford to include this type of technology in the new Xbox720 due to its mass production.

I final word about Xbox One:

The new Xbox One is going to be the most amazing and powerful gaming console you will have ever owned. This console is truly the technology of the future and is going to change your entertainment and gaming experience for life. The features that will be available on the new Xbox One is going to completely change the entire gaming industry. It will be extremely hard for other brands to compete with the Xbox One After you buy Xbox One you will find it impossible to go back to your dusty old 360, it will be comparable to your grandmothers old 19” tube TV. Your friends will envy you; no longer will there be an argument on which is the leading console. PlayStation will have nothing on the new Xbox One.

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